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12V 80ah SLA AGM Deep Cycle AGM Battery Group 24 for Solar, RV, Charger, Off Grid Battery Bank
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WindyNation BattaMax Group 24 80 Amp-Hour AGM Deep Cycle Battery


12 Volt Maintenance Free, Sealed Lead Acid, Deep Cycle Battery


Product Highlights

  • UL Listed AGM Deep Cycle Battery with full 1 year warranty
  • Sealed non-spillable construction
  • Manufactured using 99.995% pure lead yields an extremely low self-discharge rate
  • AGM batteries provide superior performance and longevity compared to standard lead acid batteries
  • Ideally suited for all off-grid, back-up power, and power supply applications


Multiple batteries can be wired in series for 24 volt, 48 volt, 96 volt, etc. battery banks. Multiple batteries can be wired in parallel for 200ah, 300ah, 400ah, etc. battery banks.


Typical Applications

RV Power, Off-grid wind and solar, Offshore marine power, telecommunications, Alarm and security systems, UPS, Emergency lighting, Communication power supply, DC power supply, Portable tools, electric vehicles, golf carts, etc.


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Terminal Type

Length X Width X Height


Battery Type


12 Volt

80 Amp-Hour

5/16” Coarse Thread

10.2” x 6.6” x 8.2”

259mm x 168mm x 208mm

Group Size 24

53.5 lbs

24.3 kg

AGM, Sealed Lead Acid (Maintenance Free), Deep Cycle



Battery Capacity


85AH   at 20hrs  (1.80V/cell, 25°C)

80AH   at 10hrs  (1.80V/cell, 25°C)

68AH   at 5hrs  (1.80V/cell, 25°C)

48AH   at 1hr  (1.80V/cell, 25°C)