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Lithium LIFePO4 100ah 12 Volt BattaMax 4000 Cycles Battery for Off-Grid Applications with Battery Management System (BMS) and Remote Connectivity to Cell Phones and Tablets --- RV, Cabin, Marine, Backup Storage Power
SKU: BAT-LFP12-100

BattaMax Series Lithium LIFePO4 Batteries by WindyNation are true deep-cycle lithium batteries, specifically designed for providing off-grid power. The maintenance-free design is ideal for the following applications: aerial work platforms, floor cleaning, golf carts, inverters, material handling, oil and gas, recreation (RVs, offshore marine power, etc), remote telecom, and renewable energy. BattaMax lithium batteries are designed specifically for deep-cycleperformance for applications where the battery will be completely discharged and recharged thousands of times (battery can handle 4000 cycles of 100% depth of discharge). Additionally, WindyNation's Battamax lithium battery is incredibly lightweight compared to similar deep-cycle lead acid batteries (22.7 lbs vs. 64 lbs)

  • Monitor and configure all battery information using your cell phone or tablet. See photos in the photo gallery for more information. Wirelessly connects to Android and Apple devices by downloading the App in the App Store (instructions provided).
  • 4000 cycles to 100% depth of discharge! 100 amp continuous discharge current, 50 amp maximum charging current, -20C to +60C operating temperature range, 65% less weight than a comparable lead acid battery (22.7 lbs total weight), LIFePO4 technology provides a more stable and safe alternative compared to lead acid batteries.
  • Built-in Battery Management system (BMS). The BMS electronic management system protects the lithium battery from overcharging, over discharging, over current, short circuits, and exceeding its maximum operating temperature. Additionally, it manages battery voltage ensuring a balanced voltage across all battery cells.
  • Unlike lead acid batteries, the Windy Nation lithium LIFePO4 can handle a 100% depth of discharge (DOC) for 4000 cycles! The battery can be charged with solar panels, LIFePO4 lithium battery chargers (14.6-15 volts), generators, and DC to DC battery chargers.
  • The Windy Nation BAT-LFP12-100 lithium battery can handle a maximum of ten batteries wired in parallel or four batteries wired in series. Battery dimensions: 10.2" x 6.6" x 8.2"