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5/8 inch Arbor for Wind Turbine Generator Blades and Hub
0.4 lbs
  • Brand: Windy Nation Inc.
  • Product Type: 5/8 inch Arbor
  • Model: ANH-ARBR-58
  • UPC: 609728675745
  • MPN: ANH-ARBR-58
  • Energy Type: Wind

This is a new arbor for wind generators which will allow you to attach your hub and blades to the shaft of your wind generator. It is machined on a computer-controlled lathe to exact tolerances using 304 stainless steel. This will attach to any motor/generator shaft that is 5/8-inch in diameter.

Corrosion Protection!

This arbor will not rust. If you buy any type of steel arbor (with the exception of stainless steel) it will rust away fairly quickly. Not only is this a waste of your money, it is dangerous! Every component on a wind generator should be weather resistant, so don't settle for arbors made from improper materials.

  • 5/8 inch diameter arbor. The arbor will fit any motor or generator shaft that is 5/8 inch in diameter. The threaded portion of the arbor is 1/2- inch diameter and threaded at 13 TPI (threads per inch). This means you can attach a hub that has a 1/2 inch diameter mounting hole.
  • A stainless steel nut + stainless steel lock washer. This allows you to securely attach a hub to the arbor.
  • Three stainless steel set screws which allow you to securely attach the arbor to the shaft of the motor or generator. Three set screws spaced 120 degrees apart allow for a perfectly balanced arbor. This keeps your rotor spinning smooth and balanced even at very high RPMs.