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28 inch HyperSpin Aluminum Wind Turbine Generator Blades (Set of 5)
11 lbs

WindyNation has been designing, prototyping and manufacturing blades since 2007. We are experts in wind turbine blade design and manufacturing! The overall design of WindyNation's HyperSpin Series Blades provide a combination of high torque and incredible speed. Simply, the best small wind turbine blades available.

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What is included?

  • Five (5pcs) 28-inch HyperSpin blades. Swept diameter of mounted blades is 59 inches (150 cm) with hub.
  • Optional 3/16 inch thick powder coated steel hub (No need to paint the hub!). 1/2" or 17mm hub mounting hole options:
  • --- 17 mm mounting hole diameter is used for Delco car alternators (See image in photo gallery)
  • ---1/2 inch mounting hole diameter will fit WindyNation's arbors which are used to  mount the hub to 1/2 or 5/8 inch generator shafts (See image in photo gallery)
  • 15 sets of stainless steel fasteners (15 stainless steel bolts, 15 stainless steel locking nuts and 15 stainless steel washers)  
  • Please note that there is also a "NONE" option in the "Select Hub Diameter" drop-down tab above. If you select "NONE", no hub and no fasteners will be shipped with your order. You will only receive the wind turbine blades.

How do the HyperSpin Blades perform?

The HyperSpin wind turbine blades are designed for small wind turbines that are typically rated for ~200 to ~1000 Watts. This includes Delco style car alternator PMA's, treadmill motors, permanent magnet motors, and wind turbine alternators rated in the 200-1000 Watt range. The advantage of the five blade set offered in this listing is that it provides increased torque compared to a three blade set. The disadvantage is that the blade rpm of a five blade set is lower than a three blade set (Think tractor vs a Ferrari). WindyNation recommends a five blade set for low to low/medium wind areas. WindyNation recommends a three blade set in medium wind and high wind areas.

Technical Details

  • Blade has been optimized for speed and torque using computer simulations and real-world testing
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) calculations performed to determine strength, bend and deflection of blade at various wind speeds

Not sure which wind turbine blade set is right for you? Email us at info@windynation.com and we will be happy to help!