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28 inch HyperSpin P Series Wind Turbine Blades (Set of 3)
6 lbs

Introducing our most advanced blades yet! The 28 inch HyperSpin P Series blades provide exceptional torque and speed.

These blades are designed for small wind turbines that are typically rated for ~200 to ~600 Watts. This includes Delco style car alternator PMA's, treadmill motors, permanent magnet motors, and wind turbine alternators rated in the 200-600 Watt range.

  • Three 28 inch wind turbine UV-stabilized polycarbonate blades
  • Choose a 3/16 inch thick powder coated steel mounting hub with 17 mm or 1/2 inch mounting hole diameter
  • 9 sets of stainless steel fasteners (9 stainless steel bolts, 9 stainless steel locking nuts and 9 stainless steel washers)

You will not be disappointed with our blades. We are certain of their superiority and offer a 90 day warranty.

Please note that these blades are not designed to withstand sustained hurricane force winds. Every wind turbine should have a mechanism in place--such as a furling vane--which protects your generator from wind speeds exceeding 35-40 mph. These blades are designed to withstand extreme wind gusts, not sustained conditions.
  • Made from advanced UV-stabilized polycarbonate
  • Optimized for speed and torque
  • Swept diameter of mounted blades is 59 inches (150 cm) with hub
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) performed to determine strength, bend and deflection of blade at various wind speeds
  • Rated to handle a 70 mph (96.5 kph) wind with a safety factor of 2
  • Precision engineered to be 28 inches long, 320 grams (0.704 pounds) with a tolerance of +/- 0.3%