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28 inch HyperSpin P Series Wind Turbine Blades (Set of 5)
9 lbs

Three years of research and development was dedicated to the creation of WindyNation's HyperSpin P-Series wind turbine blade. The overall design results in a blade with a combination of high torque and incredible speed. Simply, the best small wind turbine blade available.

What is included?

Included is a Complete Blade Set (See Details below)

  • Five 28 inch Hyperspin P-Series wind turbine blades (swept diameter of mounted blades is 59 inches (150 cm) with hub)
  • 3/16 inch thick powder coated steel hub (Select 17 mm or 1/2 inch mounting hole diameter at checkout.)
  • --- 17 mm mounting hole diameter is used for Delco car alternators
  • --- 1/2 inch mounting hole diameter will fit WindyNation's arbors which are used to mount the hub to 1/2 or 5/8 inch generator shafts
  • 15 sets of stainless steel fasteners (15 stainless steel bolts, 15 stainless steel locking nuts and 15 stainless steel washers)
  • How do the HyperSpin P-Series Blades perform?

    The HyperSpin P-Series wind turbine blades are designed for small wind turbines that are typically rated for ~200 to ~600 Watts. This includes Delco style car alternator PMA's, treadmill motors, permanent magnet motors, and wind turbine alternators rated in the 200-600 Watt range.

    The advantage of the five blade set offered in this listing is that it provides increased torque compared to a three blade set. The disadvantage is that the blade rpm of a five blade set is lower than a three blade set (Think tractor vs a Ferrari). WindyNation recommends a five blade set for low to low/medium wind areas. WindyNation recommends a three blade set in medium wind and high wind areas.

    Click on the video tab to watch the video of the HyperSpin P-Series Blades working in real world conditions.

  • Blade has been optimized for speed and torque using computer simulations and real-world testing
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) calculations performed to determine strength, bend and deflection of blade at various wind speeds
  • Blade is rated and has been mechanically simulated using FEA to handle a 70 mph (96.5 kph) wind with a safety factor of 2
  • Blade material is UV stabilized polycarbonate (same material used in bullet proof glass)
  • Blade length is 28 inches. Each blade weighs 320 grams (0.704 lbs) with a tolerance of +/- 0.3%.