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35 inch WindGrabber Aluminum Blades (Set of 5)
16 lbs

Our most powerful rotor for Residential Wind Turbines!

For generators with very large permanent magnet motors or 600-1200 Watt PMA's, our three aircraft-grade aluminum WindGrabber blades are designed for extremely high torque and power! When mounted, the swept area (diameter) of these blades is 80 inches (203 cm). These blades are designed to put out amps on larger motor/generator units. Because a larger rotor inherently spins slower, this blade set should not be used on units that have a "cut in" voltage higher than 250 rpm.

Under no load, WindGrabbers will hit 200 rpm in about 6-7 mph wind. Additionally, it will begin spinning in approximately 1.5-2 mph wind!

This is not the blade set that should be used on a modified Delco car alternator. This rotor is far too powerful for a Delco and will spin it out of control! Consider a set of five HyperSpin blades with a 17-mm hub for your Delco alternators.

Durable and quiet, WindyNation produces high quality professionally-designed wind generator blades that won't let you down. Do not waste your money on blades made of PVC, ABS or plastic. With the first strong winds, those blades will suffer irreversible stress failure. We use ultra-smooth dies to shape these blades, minimizing surface defects. All our blades are field-tested and undergo hundreds of hours of prototyping to ensure that they can withstand winds of at least 70 mph!

We are certain of their superiority and offer a 90 day warranty.

Please note that these blades are not designed to withstand sustained hurricane force winds. Every wind turbine should have a mechanism in place--such as a furling vane--which protects your generator from wind speeds exceeding 35-40 mph. These blades are designed to withstand extreme wind gusts, not sustained conditions.

  • Five (5) 35-inch Wind Grabber blades. The blades are 6 inches wide at the base and 35 inches long (diameter of swept area is about 80 inches with the hub). Wind Grabber blades are CNC-manufactured with a dimensional tolerance of 0.005 inches. They are perfectly balanced and spin fast and smooth. They are manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum, making them light-weight, durable and rust-resistant.
  • (optional) A precision-machined, powder coated steel hub. It is 0.25 inches thick and 16 inches in diameter. The center mounting hole is available in 5/8 inch diameter or 17 mm diameter, making it easy to adapt to shafts on popular 500 Watt PMAs. The hub is extremely strong and can handle stress forces that will be applied by the blades spinning in very strong winds. There is no need to worry about this hub bending or cracking in strong winds. Already have a hub? Just select the "No Hub" option below.
  • Mounting hardware: 12 sets of stainless steel locking nuts, bolts and washers.

Not sure if this blade set is suitable for your motor/generator? Email info@windynation.com and we will be happy to help! And please consider checking out our Community Forums with thousands of useful postings on blade selection, as well as PMA and grid tie information.

Check out video of our WindGrabber blades in action! They have a whopping 80-inch wingspan for tons of torque.