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Tinned Copper Cable Lug End Terminal Ring Connectors + Adhesive Shrink Tubing
SKU: TCLUG-08AG-56-10pcs-3/8HS-R7.5in-B7.5in
0.2 lbs
Tinned Copper Cable Lugs + Dual Wall Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tubing
Use selection drop-down tabs to choose cable lug gauge/stud size and package quantity. Available in 10 pcs, 25 pcs, 50 pcs, 100 pcs.
WNI tin coated cable lugs are manufactured from 99.99% pure copper. WNI’s tin coated cable lug + heat shrink tubing kit is perfect for any application requiring a rugged, high amperage electrical connection (We recommend using tin coated cable lugs in humid and marine environments because the tin coating will protect the copper lug from corroding.). Perfect for making battery/inverter cables, welding cable extensions, wiring trolling motors and general marine wiring, wiring battery systems in RV’s/ATV’s/golf carts, and battery banks for off-grid solar & wind systems. 

Product Information:
  • Pure copper tin coated cable lugs + black & red heavy duty dual wall adhesive lined heat shrink tubing. Use selection tabs to choose cable lug gauge/stud size and package quantity.



  • Pure copper tin coated cable lugs are ideal for marine applications. Tin coating protects the pure copper cable lug from corroding. Designed to fit solid or stranded cable. Cable can be crimped or soldered to cable lug.


  • Cable lug utilizes a closed end design to keep moisture and other contaminants from entering and degrading or corroding the copper cable. Flared cable lug entry hole allows for the easy insertion of cable.



  • Dual wall, polyolefin heat shrink tubing contains a heat activated adhesive/glue which creates a seal to prevent water, solvents, and salts from entering into the cable. Package includes 1.5 inches of heat shrink tubing per cable lug (half black and half red)


  • Heat shrink tubing shrink ratio is approximately 3 to 1 (shrinks to 1/3 of its original diameter). Heat shrink tubing ratings: Temperature: -55°C to 105°C Voltage: 600V