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Pure Copper Tin Coated Battery Welding Cable Lug Ring Terminals End
SKU: TCLUG-08AG-56-10pcs

WNI pure copper tin coated cable lugs are heavy duty, pure copper, electrical connectors designed for high amperage applications. They are an excellent choice for making connections in battery banks, back-up power set-ups, battery to inverter connections, car and audio system wiring, general battery wiring (for golf-carts, RV’s, boats, engines, winches, etc), and any other electrical connection that requires a heavy-duty high amperage connection. Tin coated cable lugs are ideal for marine and humid environments because the tin coating protects the copper cable lug from corroding.

  • Pure copper heavy duty cable lug designed to fit solid or stranded wire. Lugs have a tin coating to prevent corrosion and oxidation. Perfect for marine and humid environments.
  • Wire can be crimped or soldered to copper lug
  • Closed end design to keep environmental conditions (e.g. outdoor environment) away from the cable connection
  • Manufactured from pure annealed ASTM-B-152 copper with excellent conductivity characteristics. Tin coated for corrosion protection.