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GC10 10A MPPT Golf Cart Solar Charge Controller
SKU: CHC-GC10-48
1.3 lbs
  • Compact size can be mounted conspicuously
  • Maintains batteries and extends battery life
  • Auto sensing for 36V or 48V systems
  • IP67 Rated Suitable for Outdoor Use
  • Compatible with all battery types including gel, sealed, lithium
  • Pre-wired MC4 compatible connector for easy panel install
  • Pre-terminated battery connection with 3/8” ring terminals
  • Built-in overload and short circuit protection
  • Automatic self-recovery after fault removal
  • LED system status indicators
  • Wide operating temperature range -25˚C to +55˚C (-13˚F to +131˚F)
  • Wide operating temperature range -25˚C to +55˚C (-13˚F to +131˚F)
  • Throttled input current to allow for additional solar input
  • Parameter CHC-GC10-48
  • Typical Idle Consumption At idle < 20mA
  • Maximum Solar Input Voltage 42V DC
  • Battery System Voltage 36V DC or 48V DC (auto detected)
  • Battery Type All Lead Acid (default) and Lithium
  • Float Charging Voltage 41.4V DC 55.2V DC
  • Boost Charging Voltage 43.2V DC 57.6V DC
  • Equalizing Charging Voltage 43.8V DC 58.4V DC
  • Equalizing Charge Interval 30 days (NA for Li battery)
  • Overvoltage Protection 48.0V DC 64.0V DC
  • Charging Conversion Efficiency 90-97%
  • MPPT Tracking Rate >99%
  • MPPT Working Voltage Point 14-25V
  • Download the Owner's Manual and learn about installation, safety and configuration options available on your Charge Controller.