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WindyNation Waterproof 10A 12V Solar Charge Controller w/ LED Charging and Load Indicators
SKU: CHC-OD12-10
0.4 lbs

Waterproof 10A 12V Solar Charge Controller w/ LED Charging and Load Indicators

WindyNation's waterproof 10-amp, 12 volt solar charge controller features three LED's to indicate battery charging status, solar charging status, and load status. The LED's are also used to indicate error codes (e.g. load is short circuited). Suitable for 12V and 24V off-grid applications. Ideal for charging lead acid batteries, including sealed AGM and wet cell. The charge controller is equipped with a four stage charging process that is optimized to extend battery life.

  • Compact size: Easy to mount directly on the rear of the solar panel using pre-attached PV Connectors.
  • IP68 Rated (waterproof) Suitable for Outdoor Use. Intelligent 4-stage PWM charging.
  • Three LED's lights provide solar charging status, battery level, and load status.
  • Pre-wired. Includes cables for attaching solar panel, battery, and load (optional)
  • Maintains batteries and extends battery life. Automatically senses 12 or 24 volt batteries.

Technical Specifications

Rated Current Charge 10 Amps
Rated Load Current 10 Amps
Typical Idle Consumption At idle < 10mA
Maximum Solar Input Voltage 41 V DC
Rated Working Voltage 12 V DC or 24V DC Battery System
Floating Charging Voltage (adjustable) 13.8 V DC 27.6 V DC
Low Voltage Protection (adjustable) 11.2 V DC 22.4V DC
Low Voltage Recovery (adjustable) 12.6 V DC 25.5V DC
Bulk Charging Voltage 14.5 V DC 29.0V DC
Charge Voltage Drop ≤200mV

Physical Specifications

Parameter Value
Dimension (L x W x H) 82 mm x 45 mm x 21 mm (3.23" x 1.77" x 0.83")
Weight 4.3 oz (120 g)
Operating Temperature -31°F to 140°F (-35°C to 60°C)
Wire Size 12 AWG (solar cables) 16 AWG (battery and load cables)

Download the Owner's Manual and learn about installation, safety and configuration options available on your Charge Controller.