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Additional WindyNation Linear Actuator Wireless Remote Control Unit
0.1 lbs
Additional WindyNation 12VDC  Wireless Remote Control Switch

IMPORTANT: This product listing is for customers who want to add additional remote control(s) to their WindyNation wireless remote control unit (Part # LIN-RCSW-WL) or for customers who misplaced their remote control unit for WindyNation Part # LIN-RCSW-WL and need to purchase a replacement remote control. This product listing is NOT a complete wireless remote control set-up! It only includes the remote control which can be added to WindyNationPart # LIN-RCSW-WL.

To add the remote control unit to your existing WindyNation Wireless Remote Control System (Part # LIN-RCSW-WL), follow the below instructions:
  Pairing instructions are required when you are replacing the original Wireless Remote Control Transmitter or Receiver, or if you purchased additional Wireless Remote Control Transmitters.
(1) Confirm that the Wireless Remote Control Receiver is NOT connected to a power supply. Then press any button on the Wireless Remote Control Transmitter and continue to press the button. Do not release this button until steps 1-3 have been completed.
(2) Connect 12 VDC power to the Wireless Remote Control Receiver.
(3) Wait five seconds
(4) After five seconds, release the button on the Wireless Remote Control Transmitter that you were holding down. The units are now paired.