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WindyNation 100W 100 Watt 12V Flexible Thin Lightweight Monocrystalline Solar Panel Battery Charger for RV, Boat, Cabin, Off-Grid Applications
SKU: SOL-100FS-01
7.5 lbs
  • Semi-Flexible: the panel can be flexed to a maximum of 30 degrees. This allows the panel to be flush mounted to curved surfaces like RV's, sailboats, campers, tents, etc. Ultra-thin: solar panel is only 0.1 inches thick.
  • The solar panel and junction box are completely water resistant. Suitable for outdoor use in all weather conditions.
  • Extremely lightweight and efficient. The solar panel weighs approximately 4 pounds and utilizes highly efficient monocrystalline solar cells. The panel is easy to transport and mount, which is ideal for mobile applications.
  • Stainless steel grommet mounting holes in each corner are available to attach fasteners. The panel can also be mounted using adhesive or Velcro.
  • A blocking diode is included in the junction box to eliminate battery discharge/draining at night. The solar panel arrives ready for installation with 12 AWG solar cable leads with PV Connectors pre-attached.