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35 Amp 3-Phase Bridge Rectifier
SKU: RCT-35AB-01
0.1 lbs

Product Highlights

  • Will work on all battery banks!
  • Operating range is 0 to 1000 Volts
  • Will work on all AC generators that produce 35 Amps or less
  • Spade terminals for easily attaching the input and output wires
  • One center mounting hole for easily securing the rectifier to your heatsink and electrical box
  • This is a 35 Amp 3-Phase bridge rectifier which converts three phase AC voltage to DC voltage. This unit is perfect for smaller generators that put out 35 Amps or less. This includes 3-Phase AC motors which are often used to make wind generators!

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Technical Specifications

You will need to bolt this rectifier to a heatsink to keep it cool. That doesn't mean you need to waste your money on a heatsink! Any piece of thin metal (~0.05-0.1 inches thick) that is at least 3 x 3 inches, will do just fine.

You do NOT need a diode when using a 3-Phase rectifier. There are already diodes inside the 3 phase rectifier.

Please note that this 3 phase bridge rectifier can handle high current and voltage. If you plan to use the rectifier for that purpose, you should be very knowledgeable with working with high current/voltage electricity or consult a professional electrician. High current and voltage can kill you! Use common sense when mounting the rectifier! Mount it in an enclosed box that is designed to handle electronics and that can NOT be accessed by children or anyone else!