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3-Phase AC Slip Ring for Wind Generators
0.5 lbs

This brushless slip ring is suitable for any small AC or DC wind generator system.

  • Easy to mount
  • Brushless design
  • Will work on any alternating current (AC) or DC generator
  • Wires exiting bottom of slip ring are completely strain reliefed, providing durable support
  • Continuous duty capabilities!

Performance Thresholds

Voltage: 250 Volts maximum
Rectified Current: 45 Amps maximum

Product Dimensions

  • Fits inside a 1.5 inch diameter Schedule 80 tower pipe

About the Self-Lubricating Yaw Bushing

Your wind turbine mounts on top of the Yaw Bushing and allows the wind turbine to track the wind effortlessly in smooth easy motions. The Yaw Bushing is designed to be press-fit into 1.5 inch Schedule 80 tower pipe--pipe is available at just about any hardware store. Self-lubricating bushing will last at least 25 years.

Instructional Videos

The handy video below explains in detail how a slip ring works and how to install it on any 3-Phase AC wind generator.