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1/0 AWG Battery Welding Pure Copper Ultra Flexible Cable + 5pcs of 5/16" & 5pcs 3/8" Copper Cable Lug Terminal Connectors + 3 Feet Heat Shrink Tubing
SKU: 1/0G-5B-5LUGS3/8-5LUGS5/16-3HS34
2 lbs

WindyNation's Power Flex Welding and Battery Cable is a ultra flexible pure copper cable that is ideal for high amperage applications like welding applications, car audio and battery installations, RV battery and inverter wiring, golf cart battery wiring, solar and inverter wiring, battery bank wiring, and other applications that require a heavy duty, highly flexible electrical cable. This product listing also includes 5pcs of 5/16" + 5pcs of 3/8" of appropriately sized tinned copper cable lugs (10pcs of cable lugs in total) and 3 feet of appropriately sized heat shrink tubing. That is, the included cable lugs and heat shrink tubing are sized to fit the gauge cable you are ordering. This product listing is perfect for customers that are using the cable on installations that will need cable lugs and heat shrink tubing to finish the job! The three items are bundled together at a significant discount compared to if you were to purchase these items separately.


  • Included Items: Pure Copper Cable (select cable gauge, insulation color and length using the selection tabs) + 5pcs 5/16" STUD Copper Cable Lugs + 5pcs 3/8" STUD Copper Cable Lugs + 3 Feet Black Heat Shrink Tubing. Save time and money by purchasing all components in one product listing.
  • Made in the USA WindyNation Power Flex Cable is an ultra flexible PURE copper cable manufactured with a tough, solvent resistant EPDM insulation jacket. PLEASE SEE THE PHOTO GALLERY FOR A CABLE SPECIFICATION CHART (amperage, voltage, stranding, insulation and copper thickness, etc.)
  • Copper cable is SAE J1127 approved and uses annealed copper strands per ASTM standards
  • Copper Cable Lug Description: pure copper with an exterior tin coating for corrosion protection (excellent for outdoor and marine applications). Cable lug utilizes a closed end design to protect cable from outdoor environment (i.e. moisture, acid, and solvents). Cable lug can be crimped or soldered. Flared barrel end design for easy entry of cable into the cable lug.
  • Heat Shrink Tubing Description: 600 volts, operating temperature -55 Celsius to +125 Celsius, resistant to most solvents and fire resistant (polyolefin material), black in color with no printing on tube. PLEASE SEE PHOTO GALLERY FOR A DETAILED SPECIFICATION CHART.