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EZGO Golf Cart Battery Cables
SKU: GCBC-04AG-1pc9"-4pcs18"
1.1 lbs

WNI is one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of assembled battery cables in the USA. We manufacture hundreds of thousands of battery cables every year at our headquarters in Ventura, CA. Our battery cables are precisely cut and stripped on automated robotic cable processing machines, which results in a perfect cable every time. The cable lugs are attached using a 6 ton pneumatic crimper with custom dies, resulting in an ultra-strong, non-removable crimp. After crimping, polyolefin heat shrink tubing is applied to eliminate the possibility of moisture or chemicals penetrating into the lug/cable interface. Finally, each cable is quality control tested for proper assembly, cable lug center to center cable length, cable lug crimp strength (pull test), and cable lug orientation.

  • Battery replacement cables for the EZGO TXT, PDS or Medalist 36 volt golf cart (1994 and Up) with the standard 6 pieces of 6 volt batteries. Includes 5 battery cables: 4 pcs 9” cables, 1 pc 12” cable. These cables will cover the wiring for the battery bank connections.
  • Manufactured with Made in the USA, ultra-flexible, pure copper, WindyNation PowerFlex Battery Cable. PowerFlex cable is SAE J1127 approved.
  • Battery cable is precisely cut and stripped using an automated robotic cable cutting machine. The tin coated, pure copper cable lugs are attached using a pneumatic 6 ton crimper with custom crimping dies right here in California, USA.
  • Polyolefin heat shrink tubing is applied to each crimped cable lug to form a protective seal around the lug/cable connection interface. Heat shrink tubing is highly resistant to corrosive chemicals commonly found in battery compartments.
  • WindyNation only uses marine grade, tin coated (battery acid resistant) copper cable lugs. Copper cable lugs that are not tin coated corrode quickly at the cable lug/battery interface in battery environments.