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Power Inverter Battery Cable Wire Kit for DC to AC Inverters RV, Car, Solar, Marine, Off-Grid
SKU: 8G-2B-2R-4LUG516-4LUG38-1HS38-GCK
1 lbs

WindyNation's inverter cable kit comes with all the cable you need to connect your inverter to the battery bank. The battery cables are manufactured using WindyNation's Power-Flex Welding cable, which is a highly flexible industrial grade pure copper cable. A total of 8 cable lugs (4pcs 5/16" and 4pcs 3/8") are included so that you can attach the correct cable lug mounting stud size that matches your inverter and battery terminals. Also included is a 8 foot piece of 10 AWG grounding cable with ring terminal connectors. This can be used to ground the inverter, if necessary for your application.

  • Includes 1pc black + 1pc red pure copper inverter cables (select cable gauge and length), 8 feet of 10 Gauge black grounding cable with cable lug connectors, 4pcs of 5/16" cable lug connectors + 4pcs of 3/8" cable lug connectors with heat shrink tubing.
  • Extra battery cable lugs are included so you can attach the appropriate stud size for your battery and inverter mounting terminals. 4pcs of 5/16" cable lugs and 4pcs of 3/8" cable lugs allow for all possible combinations (nearly all inverters and batteries use 5/16" and/or 3/8" mounting terminals). Simply attach the appropriate cable lug stud size to the cable that fits your inverter and battery mounting terminals.
  • Inverter cables are WindyNation Power-Flex Battery Cable (pure copper) with SAE J1127 approval. Power-Flex cable is a pure copper conductor and very flexible.
  • Refer to Image 2 in the photo gallery for a chart that will help you select the correct inverter cable gauge and length depending on the amperage of your inverter.
  • Cable lugs are pure copper with a corrosion resistant tin coating. Heat shrink is black, 600 volts maximum, temperature range -55 Celsius to +125 Celsius, resistant to most solvents, and fire resistant (polyolefin material)