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SuperAmp Complete Wind Turbine
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65 lbs
  • No fabricated power curves! Watch our videos below to see real world power
  • Corrosion protection provided by a layer of electro-coat and one layer of powder coat
  • Robotically welded frame
  • Furling tail provides protection in high winds
  • 80 inch (201 cm) blade rotor diameter for real power production
  • Includes brushless slip ring to prevent twisted tower wires
  • 100% complete wind turbine, mounts directly to 1.5 inch schedule 80 pipe
  • Buy with confidence -- Two year warranty on ALL parts and labor
  • 40 amps in a 28 mph wind. 10 amps in a 15 mph wind
  • Generator/Yaw Mount
  • SuperAmp PMA (comes pre-attached to the generator/yaw mount)
  • 3 phase slip ring + strain relief (comes pre-attached to generator/yaw mount)
  • Yaw bushing
  • Tail boom
  • Tail mounting bracket
  • Directional Tail
  • Three 35 inch WindGrabber blades
  • Stainless steel 3-blade hub
  • All the necessary bolts, nuts and washers to make the necessary connections to assemble the SuperAmp Wind Turbine

The SuperAmp is built using the product frame and dimensions as our flagship WindTura 750.

About Furling Vane Protection

The SuperAmp is capable of protecting itself in high winds. It begins to furl (turn itself out of the wind) in 30-32 mph (~48 kph) and is completely furled in 40 mph (64.4 kph) wind. Because of this capability, the SuperAmp can survive in wind speeds in excess of 100 mph (160.9 kph). Watch the furling video below. (The video below is actually of our Windtura 500 model but the furling design concept of the SuperAmp is identical to the Windtura 500.)

Download the Owner's Manual and visit the Community Forums to learn about how to assemble the SuperAmp!

If someone is claiming to be selling you a generator that makes 500 or 1500 Watts, why don't they just show you a video of it making that kind of power at a realistic wind speed using a realistic load (e.g. battery bank)?

Below is a video is of the SuperAmp charging a 12 volt battery bank in 7-32 mph wind speeds.
About 10 amps in a 15 mph wind and about 40 amps in a 28 mph wind!