Replacement Wind Turbine Blades

Aluminum Wind Turbine Blades for Small DIY Wind Turbine Generators

Dropped or damaged your blades? No problem. If you need to replace just one or two of our aluminum wind turbine blades, make your selection below.

We carry three aircraft-grade aluminum blade sets:

What direction do your blades spin?

All of our WindyNation blades were designed to spin clockwise.

Tip Speed Ratio: How to Calculate and Apply TSR to Blade Selection

The Tip Speed Ratio (TSR) is used by wind turbine designers to properly match and optimize a blade set to a particular generator (i.e. the permanent magnet alternator). This is important to answer one of the most common questions we get: What size blades should I choose to match with my generator?

We attempt to help you answer this question by focusing on explaining the simple physics behind calculating the Tip Speed Ratio!

What is the weight of the 5 Hyper Spin blades and hub?

HyperSpin blades with a hub are about 7 pounds. Ametek motors can definitely hold HyperSpin or TurboTorque blade sets with no problems.