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Car alternators

Comparing the Windtura 750 and a Delco

There is a reason the Windtura 750 weighs 25 pounds and many of the "500 to 1500 Watt" Delco PMAs that our competitors sell weigh about 10 pounds.

To produce meaningful amounts of power, you need lots of copper and powerful magnets, and the comparisons below show you just how much bigger the WindyNation PMA is. If you want more than just a paperweight, check out the sturdy and robust Windtura 750! And just look for yourself at how a Delco compares to our PMA.

All About Delco-style Alternators for Use in Wind Generators

If you're new to idea of building a wind generator out of re-purposed components, then you've probably asked yourself a few of the following questions:

  • Why are car alternators appropriate for wind power?
  • What modifications are necessary to make a practical wind generator from a car alternator?
  • Why are Delco-style alternators so popular?
  • Which WindyNation blades best match with wind generators using Delco-style PMAs?

Well, maybe we threw in that last question ourselves! But either way, if you've every had questions about using re-purposed car alternators, here's your chance to read all about it.