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Wind Turbine Wire Size Guide

Voltage and power can be lost from the turbine to the rectifier and from the rectifier to the load. Selecting the right wire size is critical to a good wind turbine system’s performance and safety.

50 Amp Stop Switch for AC and DC Wind Turbines

Brake Switch for Small Delco-style Wind Turbine Generators
50 Amp Stop Switch for Small Wind Turbine GeneratorsBrake Switch for Small Delco-style Wind Turbine GeneratorsAC Stop Switch Wiring DiagramDC Stop Switch Wiring Diagram
  • Works on AC or DC wind turbines
  • Includes waterproof cover and 3 ring terminals
  • Operating range of 0 to 250 volts
  • Easy to install! Easy to use!

How does it work?

Everything we sell comes with complete instructions, wiring diagrams and more to make it easy for you to install. The Stop Switch is no exception. Complete wiring diagrams are available by just scrolling down the page.

Product Description

Battery Temperature Sensor (25 ft)

Battery Temperature Sensor for Xantrex Charge Controllers

The Battery Temperature Sensor is designed for use with Xantrex C Series Charge Controllers. The sensor mounts on a terminal post of a battery in a bank or on the side of a battery and measures its temperature. It sends precise information to the charger or charge controller, which automatically adjusts voltage to ensure full battery charge depending on the ambient temperature of your battery installation.


Positioning Your Battery Bank

One of the first challenges many DIYers face when beginning the process of constructing a battery bank-coupled wind turbine is where precisely to locate the battery bank.

There are a variety of constraints and limitations that are important to note when choosing a location for the battery bank. Here we try to summarize some of these considerations and make a few suggestions that have been accumulated over the years from our community of DIYers.