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Charging a Battery Bank with the WindTura 750

If you're familiar with our WindTura 750 Permanent Magnet Alternator, then you already know why we have the most reliable and cost-effective PMA for DIY wind and hydro applications.

But if you're new to WindyNation, then you're probably wondering if we're just selling you hype? Unlike the competition, we don't just list hyped up numbers and figures proclaiming that we have the best PMA out there. We prove it to you!

WindTura 750 Open Circuit Voltage

Customers have routinely asked for RPM versus Volts and for RPMs versus shorted current. We've long explained that Volts to RPMs is one of the most important specifications to look out for in selecting your motor.

What are the best blades for use with a modified Delco car alternator?

For a small Delco, you need to produce a LOT of RPMs. Because of this, we recommend a 5-blade set of Hyperspin blades with a 17-mm hub, which fits perfectly to Delco shafts.

How well will your blades turn a WindBlue PMA?

Five HyperSpin blades will start a WindBlue PMA in approximately 5-6 mph wind. We are confident in this and will give you your money back if you don't have the same experience--no questions asked.

If you are using those thin black plastic blades, well those are absolutely no good.

What kind of items in the house may I use with this generator?

Pretty much anything. You need to use a battery bank with inverter to get the 120 AC for household appliances.

What do I need to complete a windmill from start to finish?

To complete a windmill from start to finish, I strongly suggest you purchase Hugh Piggot's Wind turbine book. It has step by step instructions on how to build a turbine. It is a great book and will answer all your questions.

Visit Hugh Piggot's website at www.scoraigwind.com.