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Solar and Wind Power for RVs

The use of solar panels, and to a lesser degree wind turbines, has taken off in the recreational vehicle community. There is interest in renewable energy to charge batteries for a variety of reasons. But DIYers are clamoring for more cost-effective products catered uniquely to the RV community.

Here, we run over some of the important considerations to make before opting for an alternative energy solution for your RV, including solar and wind power.

Comparing the Windtura 750 and a Delco

There is a reason the Windtura 750 weighs 25 pounds and many of the "500 to 1500 Watt" Delco PMAs that our competitors sell weigh about 10 pounds.

To produce meaningful amounts of power, you need lots of copper and powerful magnets, and the comparisons below show you just how much bigger the WindyNation PMA is. If you want more than just a paperweight, check out the sturdy and robust Windtura 750! And just look for yourself at how a Delco compares to our PMA.

WindTura 750 Permanent Magnet Alternator

750 Watt Wind Turbine Generator Permanent Magnet Alternator
Wind Turbine PMA for Hydroelectric, Wind and Home PowerWind Turbine PMA for Hydroelectric, Wind and Home Power Power Curve

This generator will make over 1100 Watts in 35 mph wind.

Many small wind turbine power curves violate the laws of physics. Rather than provide fabricated power curves and specifications that try to obscure the reality, our "real world power curve" shows you exactly what you can expect from the Windtura 750. Watch our videos below for more information.


  • Perfect for charging 12 and 24 volt battery banks or a grid tie
  • Alternator produces 3-phase AC electricity (more efficient than DC electricity)

Can I use the WindTura 750 PMA for hydroelectric power?

Yes! Many people have purchased this PMA in order to make a hydro generator. Obviously, building a hydro generator requires materials that you won't find on WindyNation.com. For more information, visit our Community Forums and check out the Hydroelectric Forum.