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Rover Wind Turbine Kit for RVs

Rover, the Wind Turbine for Recreation Vehicles
Rover, the Wind Turbine for Recreation VehiclesRover, the Wind Turbine for Recreation Vehicles300 Watt Rover Wind Turbine

Power when you need it, where you need it.

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The Rover Series Wind Turbine Kits are rated for 300 Watts, and perfect for mobile power applications. We designed the Rover to be compact and easy to deploy, ideal for use on-the-go with your recreational vehicle.

Solar and Wind Power for RVs

The use of solar panels, and to a lesser degree wind turbines, has taken off in the recreational vehicle community. There is interest in renewable energy to charge batteries for a variety of reasons. But DIYers are clamoring for more cost-effective products catered uniquely to the RV community.

Here, we run over some of the important considerations to make before opting for an alternative energy solution for your RV, including solar and wind power.