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Slip Ring

How a Slip Ring Works

Any practical wind turbine needs to be able to freely rotate in order to face the oncoming wind. A slip ring is the most efficient and seamless way to accomplish this. In this video, we explain what's a slip ring and how a slip ring works.

3-Phase AC Slip Ring for Wind Generators

Slip Ring for Wind Turbines
Slip Ring for Wind Turbines

Wind turbines need to be mounted on a freely-rotating joint, or else they won't have the freedom of motion to point into the wind. This needs to be accomplished while maintaining electrical connections between your generator and your electrical system, such as your battery bank or a grid tie inverter.

If you've tried other slip rings before, then you'll understand why this is simply the best AC or DC wind turbine slip ring available anywhere!

Product Features

This brushless slip ring is suitable for any small AC or DC wind generator system.

How do I attach the slip ring to the wind turbine tower?

Consider checking out this useful post in our User Forums about attaching your slip ring to your tower (and the rest of your wind turbine).

Connecting the Slip Ring

Connecting your slip ring to your tower is kind of like skinning a cat... there are a lot of ways of doing it. Here we share a few ideas and photos courtesy of our User Forums and a couple of WindyNation Forum contributors. Thanks to members TomT and Richard Noble. If you want more information, visit the forum topic on connecting your slip ring.