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Customers are constantly writing to us and telling us about their home-built wind generators. They send us photos, upload their videos, share their stories and experiences in building wind generators using Windy Nation components. Here's what some of them had to share! If you'd like to share your photos and experiences, email them to info@windynation.com.

WindyNation Vissani Solar Install: Joe and Lisa Souza

August 2013
Joe and Lisa Souza recently completed the installation of their Vissani Regrigerator using our 300 Watt Complete Off-Grid Kit

They describe the detailed installation here and they have generously offered to answer any questions about their install directly!

Step 1: Months worth of research. We were going to go with a propane refrigerator but it was so expensive ($2600 after delivery for an 18cf). The open fire in the house was bothersome. The inability tocool properly at 125 degrees and the fact that it was a manual defrostwas also bothersome. We had also heard that the propane would cause soot buildup that would have to be cleaned regularly. So, with allthose strikes against it, we started researching options. We thought about the DC option but that was even more expensive. We investigated the conventional a/c electrical option, but even for a 14cf you werelooking at 5-6 amp start-up. We found the vissani 10cf one at Homedepot in Reno, NV which ran on only 1.7 amp start-up. We decided to
look into that one.

Step 2: Solar options. After doing business with Al at Windy Nation,we figured he would be the one to talk to about this option and which package to go with. We decided to isolate the refrigerator system from the house system and keep the refrigerator on its own circuit. We chose to purchase the 300 Watt Complete Off-Grid Kit from WindyNation. It came with everything needed to install and run.

Step 3: Batteries and Inverter. We started by looking into theTrojan Solar batteries but they were way to expensive. We researched the Wal-Mart brand, manufactured by Johnson Control, group 29 deep cycle marine battery as an alternative. With a little math we figured 2 would suffice but ended up adding 2 more as a precaution. Wal-Mart was out of stock so we actually ended up purchasing the same battery, mfg by Johnson Control for Auto Zone, at Auto Zone. They matched Wal-Mart's price. We also looked at several invertors and decided to try the Tiger Claw, 3000/6000 watt inverter, modified sine wave. We liked the options it came with like the heavy battery lugs on the DC side, the watt and volt meters on the front panel, and the remoteon/off button. The price of $200 closed the deal. We added a simple analog amp gauge and shunt, plus a volt meter, just to keep track of the battery input and output. Windy Nations solar panel kit came with the charge controller. You MUST use #1 welding cable with 5/16 solderon lugs. Solder rather crimp because it makes a better mechanical connection.

The install is complete and the refrigerator has been running now for 11 days continuously, all day and night. We have enough power to add a 5-7cf chest freezer which uses 1.5 amps. We are going to tie this system into our wind generator with double stater so that it willcharge the house on one circuit and the fridge on the other circuit separately which we've designed and built ourselves using WindyNations blades.

Thanks to Al for his input and expertise in getting this systemrunning properly. Attached are photos showing the entire system.

Joe and Lisa Souza of Buffalo Springs Nevada (totally off the grid!).

Kevin's Amp-Crankin' Home-Built Wind Turbine

Kevin is using our 500 Watt Permanent Magnet Alternator (PMA) with 30-inch aluminum wind generator blades from Windy Nation. Everything else on his wind generator was fabricated by Kevin.

Here's what Kevin wrote us:

Hello I purchased one of your 500 watt PMA's this summer and I can't say anything other than it is great. The blades are quiet and whatever this motor came off of is well-built and seems like it going to last... unlike the toy treadmill motors I burnt thru in a matter of a month. I would like to buy another blade mount from you if I could.

Best regards, Kevin
P.S. I attached a few pics for you feel free to add to your web page....if you want to”

Hell yes, Kevin! We definitely want to post the pics!

Bob's Beautiful Home-Built Generator

Bob is using our HyperSpin series 5-blade set here, and matching it with a re-wound Delco alternator. He was having trouble getting his generator to spin in low winds using a different company's blades.

We promised him that our five HyperSpin blades would dramatically increase the low-wind performance of his wind generator. This is what Bob wrote:

Hi Josh,
The HyperSpin 5's are up and producing electricity; they are all you said and perform better in our low turbulent wind under discharged battery load than anything we could have hoped for.

The wind today was nice and steady[...] 10 to 13.8 mph. I had discharged our battery by using this desktop computer and lights in the AM before we got the mill setup; with the HyperSpin 5's and nice wind, the Delco PMA soon had the load controller coming on so I added another discharged battery to the bank which was fully charged by night fall and wind down.

Thanks for your time and help, I'll insert some pics now and my nephew may try to get a short movie for you soon.


Robert's Rustic Wind Generator

This is Robert’s custom built prototype wind generator in Utah. He even built the beautiful wooden tower himself! He is using a custom PMA which is powered by our HyperSpin series five blade set.

Robert plans on custom building wind turbines and wooden towers to sell to the public.

Roger's Jammin' Jamaican Wind Generator

These are two pictures of Roger’s custom built wind turbine in Jamaica, which I have nicknamed “The Beast”. He's using our 80-inch aluminum WindGrabber blade set and a 4 horsepower (beastly) permanent magnet motor. They have custom fabricated all the other components themselves. This wind turbine should easily produce several hundred Watts in moderate winds and over a kilowatt in strong winds.

All that is left for them to do is build the tower …. He's been promising us more pictures to come!

Don't forget about us, Roger!

I know you probably can make some decent blades from the PVC pipe but as far as I am concerned, all the pipe I had been collecting for blades will now go to some other project. Since purchasing the Windy Nation blades, I just would not use anything else.

From murray2paddles

Hyperspin is the best we have used all the competition and were even a dealer for three years of the black plastic blades which seemed to break every time we turned around. Or they will bend in high winds and make a god awful vibration. The hyperspin are the quietest and strongest. We just recently finished our testing of our 2000 watt turbine. Yakataga point were the turbine was stationed reached a wind speed of 115mph for 1.2 seconds. The turbine and blades are good to go no damage at all in fact it produced a massive 2.3kw when that wind speed hit it.

From clarence1984

... The blades are perfectly balanced these blades were worth the investment the only work that needed to be done was adapting to the 3/4 motor shaft. Oh yes let me tell you before i built this turbine i had bought one of those PVC turbines wish i would have took pic's of its self-destruction I had found blades nearly 200ft from the crash sight!

From CoolZilla

Hi.. Just wanted to say that the 2 sets of blades I purchased are doing great! I have 2 setups... The high RPM on a 2 hp PM and I easily get 13-15 Volts. The 3-blade 80 inch is on a 2.5 hp PM and is geared up. I've seen it go as high as 64 Volts. I think it'll do better... Thank you for a great product.

From Ken in Maryland, USA