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Instructional and Product Videos

Ametek permanent magnet DC motors are incredibly popular among the DIY wind generator crowd, due to their rugged design, volts/rpm generated and amperage output. As we prepare to launch our new site, we're hard at work testing and building wind generators from a lot of the components that we know are commonly used by the DIY community.

The newest addition to WindyNation is our SuperAMP 12V High Amp wind turbine PMA.

Learn more about how you can put wind power to work when you need power "on the go" with your recreational vehicle. Our good friend Tim shows us his Rover RV system mounted on his RV Camper!

Customers have routinely asked for RPM versus Volts and for RPMs versus shorted current. We've long explained that Volts to RPMs is one of the most important specifications to look out for in selecting your motor.

If you're familiar with our WindTura 750 Permanent Magnet Alternator, then you already know why we have the most reliable and cost-effective PMA for DIY wind and hydro applications.

But if you're new to WindyNation, then you're probably wondering if we're just selling you hype? Unlike the competition, we don't just list hyped up numbers and figures proclaiming that we have the best PMA out there. We prove it to you!

Xantrex C-Series Charge Controllers ensures safe and efficient regulation of the charge state of your batteries. They are essential parts of just about every alternative energy system, including wind turbine generators or solar power systems.

To help you understand just about every aspect of the Xantrex C-Series Charge Controllers operation, check out our helpful video guides to help get you going.

The 24" TurboTorque blades are our entry-level blades, perfectly balanced, and guaranteed to get the most out of your small, home-built wind generator. Just look at those puppies turn!

Our 35 inch WindGrabber Aluminum Wind Turbine blades are our largest and most powerful blades, and are perfect for pairing with 500-1000 Watt generators.

Wondering what a WindyNation PMA looks like in action? The sheer power generated is easy to see here. Rather than set something up really elaborate to try to "prove" a point, we just did what came natural--we mounted the PMA on a board and turned it. Look for yourself to see the results!

When you need power, who you gonna call? Well, you can't go wrong pairing our powerful 500 Watt Windtura PMA with WindyNation's WindGrabber Series aluminum wind turbine blades. Balanced and powerful, WindGrabbers have a whopping 80 inch (203 cm) wingspan. Check out this match made in heaven in the video below!

WindGrabber Blades are perfectly balanced, CNC-manufactured and designed for power and durability.

We've been telling customers for a few months about the coming launch of our COMPLETE WIND GENERATOR SYSTEM.

Well, we're finally ready to give a sneak peak and announce the September 2010 launch of our 500-Watt COMPLETE Windtura 500 Wind Generator!

Announcements are cheap when you don't have anything to show for it. So here you are!

Check out Windtura prototype as it prepares to go into production!

Our pre-assembled charge controller kits are so convenient that you'll have all your connections made to start configuring your charge controller in less than five minutes!

For a quick guide on how to connect your Charge Controller Kit with a Windtura 500 PMA, just follow the instructions in this quick video.

This is the Windtura 750 Watt Complete Wind Turbine Kit in action, thanks to one of our best customers who sent us this video from Manitoba, Canada! This video is a great example of our complete system, demonstrating how it stands up to some strong winds and giving you a glimpse of the effectiveness of the furling vane in those strong winds. In this video, you see the exceptional stability of the Windtura 750, even in some really high winds.

Any practical wind turbine needs to be able to freely rotate in order to face the oncoming wind. A slip ring is the most efficient and seamless way to accomplish this. In this video, we explain what's a slip ring and how a slip ring works.

Here's the Suntura Dual-axis Solar Tracker tracking the California sun on a recent winter day. You will notice that the Suntura keeps the solar panels almost vertical all day long. This is because the sun is low in the sky to the south during the winter months.

Because the Suntura Solar Tracker can keep the solar panels perpendicular to the sun's rays, the solar panels produce about 40% more power compared to fixed solar panels!

Email us or call us for more information about the Suntura Series Solar Trackers from WindyNation!