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Rover Series Permanent Magnet Alternator

This is the same alternator that we use on our Rover Wind Turbine.

The Rover Series permanent magnet alternator can be used as a generator, perfect for building small wind turbines or hydroelectric generators. Rover is reliable, powerful and compact, providing you a durable permanent magnet alternator in it class. Watch our videos below and decide for yourself!

Product Features

  • Powerful rare earth Neodymium magnets

Solar and Wind Power for RVs

The use of solar panels, and to a lesser degree wind turbines, has taken off in the recreational vehicle community. There is interest in renewable energy to charge batteries for a variety of reasons. But DIYers are clamoring for more cost-effective products catered uniquely to the RV community.

Here, we run over some of the important considerations to make before opting for an alternative energy solution for your RV, including solar and wind power.

Tip Speed Ratio: How to Calculate and Apply TSR to Blade Selection

The Tip Speed Ratio (TSR) is used by wind turbine designers to properly match and optimize a blade set to a particular generator (i.e. the permanent magnet alternator). This is important to answer one of the most common questions we get: What size blades should I choose to match with my generator?

We attempt to help you answer this question by focusing on explaining the simple physics behind calculating the Tip Speed Ratio!

Blades: Choosing the Right Material

A lot of people that come to us asking how our blades compare to homemade wooden blades, PVC blades or even other commercial fiberglass blades. The answer is involved and depends on a lot of different factors. We figured we would examine this issue for this article we shared with our friends over at thebackshed.com.