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WindGrabber Blades

Our 35-inch WindGrabbers are WindyNation's largest wind generator blades, with a total 80-inch wingspan!

Which blade set is the most cost effective to drive your pma in a low wind area?

Our 35-inch WindGrabber blades are best-suited for our Windtura 500 PMA--with a 5/8-inch hub.

WindGrabbers in Action!

Our 35 inch WindGrabber Aluminum Wind Turbine blades are our largest and most powerful blades, and are perfect for pairing with 500-1000 Watt generators.

35 inch WindGrabber Aluminum Blades (Set of 5)

35 inch Aluminum Wind Turbine Blades for 500+ Watt Generators

Our most powerful rotor for Residential Wind Turbines!

Check out video of our WindGrabber blades in action! They have a whopping 80-inch wingspan for tons of torque.

35 inch WindGrabber Aluminum Blades (Set of 3)

35-inch Aluminum Blades for 500+ Watt Wind Turbines

Our most powerful Residential Wind Turbine Blades!

For generators with very large permanent magnet motors or 500-1000 Watt PMA's, our three aircraft-grade aluminum WindGrabber blades are designed to create high torque and power! When mounted, the swept area (diameter) of these blades is a whopping 80 inches (203 cm)! These blades are designed to put out amps on larger motor/generator units. This rotor can create some serious power (AKA horsepower)!