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ANL Fuse Holder with ANL Fuse
SKU: ANL-HF-150-2


This is for one ANL Fuse Holder and your choice of fuses. You can select from several different fuse amp sizes. Additionally, you select the quantity of fuses (1 piece or 2 pieces). It is recommended to purchase a quantity of two fuses. If the ANL fuse blows then you will have a spare ANL fuse immediately available to replace the blown ANL fuse.


Click on the Technical Specifications Tab above for more information

Please see the photo gallery above for Technical Data Sheets for the both the ANL Fuse Holder and the ANL Fuses.


Please note that the cable entry holes on the ANL Fuse Holder are approximately 1 inch in diameter. The maximum cable size that can be used is 2/0 gauge cable.