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Butt Splice Connector Pure Copper Tin-Coated Marine Grade Uninsulated

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SKU: SPL-4/0G-TF-5pcs-1HS

Create your cable connections with WindyNation's pure copper butt connectors. Perfect for RV's, boats, cars, trucks, cars, campers, ATV's, golf carts and a variety of applications where heavy duty battery cables, marine cables, or welding cables need to be spliced together! Insert spliced cables into both ends of the connector, crimp or solder and you have a permanent connection. Also included is WindyNation's dual wall adhesive lined heat shrink tubing which will provide the perfect air/water tight seal and a professional look.

  • Includes AWG splice butt connectors (use selection tabs to choose gauge size and quantity desired) + black dual wall adhesive lined heat shrink tubing (2 inches of heat shrink tubing per butt connector)
  • Butt connectors are made of pure copper with excellent electrical conductivity. Tin plated for corrosion resistance. Perfect for marine environments and outdoor use.
  • Dual wall polyolefin heat shrink tubing contains a heat-activated adhesive/glue that creates a seal to prevent water, solvents, and salts from entering the cable. Package includes 2 inches of heat shrink tubing per connector.
  • Designed to fit solid or stranded wire. Easily connect spliced cables to connectors for a non-insulated seamless connection. Connectors can be crimped or soldered.