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Positive and Negative Pure Copper Top Post Battery Cable Ends Terminal Connectors with Dual Wall Adhesive Heat Shrink Tubing

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WindyNation's top post battery terminal connectors are an ideal replacement for old, corroded battery terminals and connectors. Perfect for RV's, boats, cars, trucks, cars, campers, ATV's, golf carts, or anything else that requires high current DC battery power. The copper battery terminals are tin coated for corrosion resistance and highly resistant to battery acid and other solvents commonly found in engine compartments. Simply crimp or solder battery terminals to connect cable.

  • Pure copper and tin-coated to provide excellent corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity.
  • Terminals can be crimped or soldered. If crimping, please use a hexagonal-shaped crimp die. Connectors are designed to fit all standard top of post batteries.
  • Dual wall, polyolefin heat shrink tubing contains a heat-activated adhesive/glue which creates a seal to prevent water, solvents, and salts from entering into the cable. Package includes 1.5 inches of heat shrink tubing per top post connector (black heat shrink tubing for the negative connector and red heat shrink tubing for the positive connector).
  • Battery terminals meet the following specifications: RoHS compliant, lead-free. See photos for additional information, specifications, and certifications.