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VertaMax Modified 1200 Watt (2400W Surge) 12V 12 Volt Power Inverter DC to AC Car, Solar, RV, Car, Boat
SKU: PIN-1200-12MN
7 lbs


Comes standard with Watt/Volt LED display screen and three AC receptacles with circuit breakers.

  • Windy Nation's VertaMax 1200 Watt DC to 120 AC Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter provides household power for RV's, cars, boats and wind & solar off-grid systems!
  • The VertaMax 1200 converts 12 volt battery power to 120 AC power so you can power up household appliances when the electrical grid is not accessible.
  • The VertaMax 1200 is capable of powering any device or multiple devices that do not exceed 1200 Watts in total power draw.
  • Typical examples of appliances that can be powered by this inverter are: computers, televisions, video game players, cellular phone charger and the list goes on
  • The VertaMax 1200 provides reliable AC power whenever and whereever you need it!


Battery Cables and Remote Switch are optional accessories that can be purchased using the drop-down tab above. 


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1200 Watt (2400 Watt Surge) VertaMax Power Inverter

Product Highlights:

  • Includes LCD Digitial Display which shows DC Volts (battery voltage) and Watts (AC power consumption)
  • Fully protected against low voltage, high voltage, overloading, short circuit, excessive temperature
  • Remote ON/OFF Switch capable
  • One year warranty

Electrical Specifications and Physical Specifications

Input Voltage (Nominal) 12VDC  Output Voltage (Nominal) 120VAC




Continuous Rated Power

1200 Watts


Peak Surge Power

2400 Watts


Input Voltage (Nominal)

12 – 13 VDC

Input Voltage (Min – Max)

11 – 15VDC

Output Voltage (Nominal)


Output Frequency (Nominal)

60 Hz

Output Waveform

Modified Sine Wave

Standby Current



Low Battery Voltage Alarm

10.5 VDC (+/-0.3VDC)

Low Battery Voltage Shutdown

10.0 VDC (+/-0.3VDC)

High Battery Voltage Shutdown

16 VDC (+/-0.5VDC)



Detailed specifications and instructions for the VertaMax Power Inverter can be viewed by clicking here