Connecting the Slip Ring

Connecting your slip ring to your tower is kind of like skinning a cat... there are a lot of ways of doing it. Here we share a few ideas and photos courtesy of our User Forums and a couple of WindyNation Forum contributors. Thanks to members TomT and Richard Noble. If you want more information, visit the forum topic on connecting your slip ring.

TomT tells us how he attached his slip ring to the bushing pipe that connects his PMA mount to the tower of his wind turbine.

"I used a 1/4 inch OD soft copper tubing from the local auto parts. I slipped it over the pins on the slip ring and slid the wire into the other end, and then put a little crimp on it. Then, after I soldered and coated the connection between the slip ring and bushing pipe with silicone adhesive to protect it."

"This was the easiest for me. Nut is from the front spindle of a Honda. Welded it all together after cutting the pipe coupler in half.
For the other part I just welded a flat piece of steel so I could bolt the brush holder to it."

Our Forum Member Richard Noble shares some of his tips too:

"I put my slip ring into a 1 inch steel pipe. I drilled a hole, tapped the hole, and inserted a set screw. This all rests on a 3/8 inch steel plate that everything is mounted to. The steel plate rotates about the mask on two bearings that are held in place by two pieces of 1-1/4 pipe that I welded washers on to. The 1-1/4 pipe pieces are about 3 inches long, and have been drilled and tapped. The flat bearings rest on the washers and the 3/8 inch plate sets between them. I placed a cut, plastic peanut butter jar over the slip ring to protect it. I attached the three wires the same way that has been mentioned. I used a tee on the pipe so I did not have to run the wire all the way down the inside of the pipe. I have to be able to take this all apart to be able to transport it to different places."

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