Teacher's Guide to Wind Energy and Wind Turbines

Learning about wind power introduces students to variety of fundamental and advanced concepts. Understanding how wind power works and how we harvest it introduces concepts in physics, electricity, environmental studies, aerodynamics, mechanical engineering and much more.

WindyNation is developing a customized curriculum to introduce young adults to concepts in wind power, including how to build a practical wind turbine. We are collaborating with partners in education, as well as summer camp programs and university research groups, developing guides and manuals that will assist educators to introduce both fundamental and advanced topics, while having tons of fun!

If you're interested in learning more, email us at info@windynation.com.

Our mission is to help use small DIY wind power projects to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)!

Our aims are to:

  • Integrate STEM with art, design and team-building skills through hands-on and project-based learning
  • Increase self-confidence and literacy in STEM fields
  • Increase participation of women and students from groups traditionally underrepresented in
    engineering and science or are the first in their families to attend college
  • Aid students pursuing educational STEM career paths through internship opportunities
  • Partner with local universities, businesses & industry mentors who help foster leadership and promote careers in science, technology, engineering and math disciplines!

Courtesy of Oscar Castaneda, Southwest High School, San Antonio, Texas

Please kindly consider these other resources to learn about how to use wind power as a teaching tool!

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