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Windy Nation Inc

25A DPDT Forward Reverse Up Down Reverse Polarity Switch

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Windy Nation's DPDT reverse switch controls the up/down, clockwise/counterclockwise motion of DC loads (e.g motors, hoists, cranes, linear actuators, etc.)

  • Enclosed housing for durability the pre-wired with 6 inches of flexible 14 AWG copper wire. 
  • Heavy duty 25-amp, 250V switch to accommodate larger DC loads. 4.19" x 1.25", 3 ounces.
  • Simply connect your DC power supply & DC load to the extension cables and you are done!

Momentary Switch

The DC load (e.g. motor) will only move when the up or down switch is being actively pressed with your finger. The moment the switch is not being pressed with your finger, the DC load will stop. This is referred to as a momentary switch.

Maintained Switch

When the maintained switch is pressed with your finger (up or down), it will continue to supply power to the DC load until you manually turn it off. This is the same as a light bulb switch. Once you turn on the light bulb switch, the light bulb remains on until you manually turn the switch off.