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WindyNation's PMA in Action!

Wondering what a WindyNation PMA looks like in action? The sheer power generated is easy to see here. Rather than set something up really elaborate to try to "prove" a point, we just did what came natural--we mounted the PMA on a board and turned it. Look for yourself to see the results!

In the first video the PMA is being hand-cranked at approximately 115 rpm. Using a 3 phase bridge rectifier, the output of the PMA is connected to an Ametek motor and a voltmeter. When the PMA is hand-cranked at 115 rpm, it generates ~15 volts! You can see how fast the 15 Volt DC output on the PMA is turning the Ametek (The Ametek motor is spinning from the electricity created by the PMA.). The Ametek is spinning at roughly 3 times the rpms of the PMA, which means it has to spin roughly 3 times as fast to generate 15 Volts.

Here in the second video, our PMA output is connected to a very powerful 12 Volt, 5 Amp (60 Watt) halogen light bulb. Just hand cranking the PMA brings this light bulb to maximum power. WindyNation PMAs produce real useable power even in low-wind conditions. Imagine what it can do when the wind is really blowing!