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Windy Nation Inc

Linear Actuator 12-Volt 225lbs with Mounting Brackets + Up Down DPDT Switch

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Linear actuators are actuators which create motion in a straight line. Unlike a motor, which creates circular motion, a linear can be used with any application that that requires moving something in a straight line (e.g. up and down or side  to side). Windy Nation Linear Actuators are a powerful and reliable linear actuator for small to medium loads. We designed our linear actuator with pre-lubricated metal gears, pre-lubricated metal gears, pre-installed limit switches, and with an IP65 (suitable for outdoor use)  water resistance rating. 

Included with your purchase is (1 Piece Actuator):

  • (1pc) 12-Volt Linear Actuator (select stroke length using the drop-down tab)
  • (1pc) DPDT Up/Down Switch (select Momentary or Maintained using the drop-down tab)
  • (2pcs) Steel Mounting Brackets with fasteners

Included with your purchase is (2 Piece Actuator):

  1. (2pcs) 12-Volt Linear Actuator (select linear actuator stroke lengths using the drop-down tab)
  2. (1pc) DPDT Up/Down Switch (select Momentary or Maintained using the drop-down tab)
  3. (1pc) Dual Actuator Adapter Cable + Locking Connectors
  4. (4pcs) Steel Mounting Brackets with fasteners

There are two different options for the DPDT Up/Down Switch:

  1. Momentary Switch: The linear actuator will only move when the switch is actively pressed with your finger. The moment the switch is not being pressed with your finger, the linear actuator will stop. This is referred to as a momemtary switch. 
  1. Maintained Switch: When the maintained switch is pressed (up or down), it will continue to supply power to the linear actuator until you manually turn it off. This is similar to a light bulb switch in that the light bulb will remain on until the switch is turned off. Note that the linear actuator does have internal limit switches so the actuator will automatically turn off when the limit switches are activated at the end of its travel length.