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Windy Nation Inc

Linear Actuator 12-Volt Heavy Duty - 18" 750lbs, 24" 1250lbs Solar Tracker

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WindyNation's 18" and 24" HD Linear Actuator are specifically designed to control the north/south movement on large solar trackers. This actuator is compatible with WindyNation's Solar tracking electronics and most other solar electronics (up to 12 amps of current). Limit switches are pre-installed in the actuator. The Linear Actuator will stop moving after it extends 24 inches even if the solar tracking electronics tell the actuator to keep moving.

This actuator is easily capable of being used on a solar tracker with 1500 watts of solar panels. If the solar tracker is engineered properly and wind loading calculations are performed, the actuator could be used on a solar tracker with 2500 watts of solar panels. If you are going to use the WindyNation HD Actuator on a solar tracker, WindyNation strongly advises that you have a licensed engineer review and certify your solar tracker design.